[Coral-List] Coral genome

julian julian at twolittlefishies.com
Thu Sep 18 13:23:20 EDT 2003

I agree that Porites spp. have numerous advantages, and also that
Pocillopora is not nearly as durable in transit as Porites. It is in fact a
bit delicate in this regard, and is susceptible to Vibrio infections.
Porites does make the most sense based on the criteria given.

For the heck of it I'd like to add a name to the discussion since it hasn't
been mentioned so far, possibly because it is not so "in your face" as
Acropora and Porites, or possibly because no one is really sure how to
pronounce it- Psammocora. This genus is widespread globally, easy to grow,
easy to ship, and has a Phoenix/reincarnation capacity at least as good as
Porites. I'm not sure about its sperm production though!



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