[Coral-List] Coral genome

Phil Dustan dustanp at cofc.edu
Thu Sep 18 14:31:27 EDT 2003

>Hi Everyone,
         I've been watching this scene develop for a few days and I'd like 
to point out that the proposed sequencing effort of Porites lobata is a 
real plus for coral biology. When everyone jumps in and wants "their 
favorite" instead of the proposed species. This is just one more example of 
the coral reef scientific community eating its young. In other disciplines 
researchers get  squarely behind  their colleagues and help them promote an 
idea. They work together for the greater good. The coral reef community has 
accomplished far less than it could over the years because it tends to 
snipe, and snipe and snipe until everyone gets tired of defending their 
ideas and the funding agencies  go away confused and end up funding 
geologists or chemists or astronomers.
         Why not get behind Gary and Craig and realize that success with 
the first species will
help everyone move forward and the others will follow if there is 
meaningful knowledge to be gained from it.
         Get a grip people. Put your ego aside and support the project.



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