[Coral-List] Study of zooxanthellae diversity in Iran

pargol mostafavi pargolmostafavi at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 20 14:45:24 EDT 2003

Hi all
I'm PhD student in Marine Biology.My Phd thesis regarding the diversity study of zooxanthellae on reef building corals found in the Iranian waters of Persian Gulf.
I know that RFLP technique could be an appropriate method which reveal the difference 
among zooxanthellae species,but I still dont know whether samples could be identified without comparison with reference on the genome sequence if there is any ?
I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction where to find information regarding zooxanthellae(Identification by RFLP method).
and how i could find someone who works on this regards.
I would appreciate any help.
Pargol Mostafavi.

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