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Salva H-P salherra at ono.com
Sun Sep 21 03:19:13 EDT 2003

Dear friends, 

I am a Spanish ecologician, working on population dynamics from 1992. In the second fortnight of October 2003 I will be lecturing an intensive workshop (75 hours) on multivariate statistical methods for ecological research. The course will be held by ECOSUR (El Colegio de la Frontera Sur, www.ecosur-qroo.mx; Postgraduate coordinator Dr Sophie Calme: scalme at ecosur-qroo.mx) in Chetumal (Quintana Roo, Mexico). 

One of my students is working on the morphometric differentiation of Siderastrea spp., so I am looking for specific information dealing with coral morphometrics on the whole as explained below.

In order to illustrate the theoretical contents of the workshop, I have already done an extensive bibliographic search in the Biosis and Science Citation Index data bases so I have now a good collection of study cases within the themes of my students, although I reckon I may be missing some papers which cannot be allocated to multivariate methods by a key-word search in abstract and title sections.

Therefore I am looking for:

1/ raw data sets from published records my students can do some practical exercises on. Raw data sets within the target field (coral morphometrics) without multivariate methods in them are still useful for the purposes of the exercises. All I would need is a copy of the paper, preferably in a pdf format, along with an excel fiel containing the raw data. It goes without saying that the data will only be used during the workshop for the purposes stated above.

2/ further papers using multivariate methods, preferably in a pdf format too.

Looking forward to hearing from you all. Please reply to this message to my personal e-mail since I have subscribed in the list only to send this message, and I am doing the same with other mailing lists and don't want my box to be overloaded by messages.

Best regards from Spain.

Salvador Herrando-Pérez

BSc MPhil in aquatic ecology 


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