[Coral-List] Re: Coral-List Digest, Vol 3, Issue 23

Brian Nelson bnelson at neaq.org
Thu Sep 25 12:35:32 EDT 2003

At 04:00 PM 9/25/03 +0000, you wrote:
>Message: 3
>From: darla white <onareef at yahoo.com>
>Subject: [Coral-List] dissolving crustose from PVC plates
>We are trying to re-use PVC plates for our recruitment project and are 
>having some difficulty removing the crustose coralline algae and 
>encrusting bryozoans from the plates.  We have tried soaking in bleach and 
>scraping, drying and sanding, but there has to be a better way.  We would 
>greatly appreciate any tips you may have.


Try muriatic acid avail at your local pool or hardware store.  It SHOULD be 
fine with PVC.  Be sure to wear goggles & gloves and use it outside or in a 
fume hood.


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