[Coral-List] Need good current ocean-related stories

Johanna F. Polsenberg jpolsenberg at rsmas.miami.edu
Thu Sep 25 10:47:09 EDT 2003

Johanna F. Polsenberg
National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research (NCORE)
Phone: 305.361.4614
jpolsenberg at rsmas.miami.edu
Hello Coral Reef Folk!

I have a request for all of you, especially members outside of the
United States. I occasionally write environmental news articles for a
journal distributed to the 8000+ members of the Ecological Society of

What I need are good leads on stories that probably haven't made it into
the mainstream public media and/or the more common scientific journals.
The aim is not that the stories be bizarre or totally obscure (although
that can be interesting) but that they present information about various
aspects of the environment that are currently important but not likely
receiving widespread coverage.

I am of course partial to stories about the marine environment but
please do not feel you have to limit it to that at all - the more
important element is that people on this list are all over the world and
have unique insights.

This is an on-going request - the journal is published monthly (however,
I have no leads right now and need one by next week so if you have the
slightest idea, let me have it!) I, of course, do all the follow-up -
don't worry about having the whole story.

Thank you so much and cheers! Johanna

Johanna F. Polsenberg, Ph.D.
Assistant Director
National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research (NCORE)
Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
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jpolsenberg at rsmas.miami.edu

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