[Coral-List] Re:Mangroves a problem in Hawaii

Katie Laing laingk at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 26 17:53:25 EDT 2003

Mangrove is viewed as an invasive species here in Hawaii where it has become 
established on all the major Hawaiian Islands and has replaced native marsh 
habitats.   The displacement of marshlands by mangroves is partially 
responsilbe for declines in endangered Hawaiian water bird populations. The 
mangrove also provides habitat for waterbird predators like the mongoose.  A 
restoration site in Kailua, Hawaii has yielded an apparent benefit for 
native waterbirds, as many new galinule and Hawaiian Stilt chicks were 
recorded last season.

Although, many mangove removal projects are underway, some have not been as 
successfull as the Kailua project.  It is suggested that success is 
dependent on proper removal of exisiting mangroves along with proper wetland 
restoration techniques.

Katie Laing
Environmental Science Lecturer,
Windward Community College

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