[Coral-List] Mild bleaching on Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Hernandez Edwin coral_giac at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 29 22:56:42 EDT 2003

Saludos, coral-listers!

Recent surveys in Culebra Island have shown moderate
bleaching on hydrocoral Millepora alcicornis (1-15 m
depth), and sporadic bleaching in Porites astreoides. 
There are also sporadic pale colonies of Siderastrea
siderea and Montastrea annularis. 

Bleaching in M. alcicornis have been observed since
late April, but it has become more intense since mid
August. Sporadic observations on other species have
been made only during September.  No bleached M.
alcicornis were documented during our 2003 monitoring
studies. However, several colonies of this species
within our permanent transects have bleached during
the last few weeks after our study.

Temperatures have shown average values around the
bleaching threshold level (28.5C) since approximately
mid-Ausgust, with occasional daily peaks as high as
31C (Hobo temps data loggers at 4 and 8 m).

Hasta luego!

Edwin A. Hernandez, PhD
Coral Reef Long-Term Ecological Monitoring and
Restoration Program
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Apt. 2-203
San Juan, PR 00926
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