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Position Announcement

> Bill Raynor wrote:
> Greetings-
>     Please help me get this job posting out to suitable candidates. We
> hope to hire someone within Micronesia for the position, but will also
> accept applications from people who have experience in the region but
> are located elsewhere. Note the April 23 deadline for applications.
> Salary and benefits are negotiable and depend on qualifications and
> post location but will be competitive with regional standards. We hope
> to have this person on board by the end of June if possible. Thanks
> for your help!
> Bill Raynor
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TITLE:			Marine Conservation Coordinator
SUPERVISOR:	Micronesia Program Director
LOCATION:	Flexible, but preferably based in one of the Micronesian
political entities
JOB NUMBER:	8012, Conservation Area Manager
DATE:			Updated March 2004

Position Summary:
The Marine Conservation Coordinator will assist partners in their marine
conservation efforts in Palau, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic
of the Marshall Islands, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, and
Guam.  S/he works closely with in-country and regional partners (e.g.,
local governments, non-governmental organizations, and community
partners. US Federal agencies, University of Guam, University of Hawaii,
SPREP, etc.) to develop conservation area plans that determine
conservation strategies at priority conservation areas. S/he helps
secure information and ecological expertise from the academic community,
public agencies and institutions, and key private partners to support
the Conservancy's conservation planning efforts as well as ensuring
close integration with TNC's internal science and planning programs.
This position will require close coordination with the Pacific Island
Countries Coastal Marine Program Director and the Palau Country
Director. The position is an exempt position supervised by the
Micronesia Program Director.

1.	Assist partners at priority marine and coastal conservation areas in
the design and implementation of site conservation plans.  Work as part
of a region-wide team to develop networks of trained practitioners that
focus on planning and management at high priority portfolio conservation
areas. Help improve linkage of site conservation plans to annual goals
and appropriate National Plans, e.g., NBSAPs.

2.	Participate and assist in defining measures of success and
implementing these at individual conservation areas and across
ecoregional portfolios.  Help develop efficient and effective
broad-scale monitoring program for land- and seascape projects.
3.	Provide advice and assistance to the FSM and Palau program staff and
partners on marine and coastal research, monitoring, management and
related matters. Share knowledge, lessons learnt and approaches with
staff in Melanesia program and other small island country programs
within TNC.

4.	Participate in the identification of annual priorities and
development of work plans for the Micronesia Program, and assist in
securing necessary technical and financial resources needed.

5.	Help improve the Conservancy's conservation process by incorporating
issues and concerns relevant to working in the Micronesia settings and
sharing best practices from other programs in the Asia Pacific region.
Participate in strategic international scientific conferences to
increase the Conservancy's visibility and leverage with partners.

1.	Advanced Degree in natural resources or environmental sciences with
an emphasis on conservation biology, coastal marine planning or a
closely related discipline, with at least five years of successful
applied work experience desired.
2.	Proven capacity to develop, implement and manage coastal/marine
projects with minimal supervision.
3.	Proven ability to work effectively with a wide range of people from
diverse cultural backgrounds and positions (e.g. government agencies,
non-governmental organizations and community groups) with sensitivity
and appreciation for the diverse interests and values of others. Strong
written and oral communication skills.
4.	Understanding of and relevant experience in the culture of the
5.	Strong writing skills and experience with literature research and
technical report writing.
6.	Strong computer skills including a proficiency in Microsoft Word,
Excel, and Access, and a working knowledge of Geographic Information
Systems (ArcView).
7.	Demonstrated project management and facilitation skills, ability to
complete tasks in a timely fashion, defining goals and deliverables,
assembling and motivating teams, managing team assignments, scheduling,
budgeting, tracking progress and milestones, and delivering products.
8.	Willingness to travel frequently throughout Micronesia and in the
larger Pacific region and the USA.  Flexibility in working schedule,
including willingness to travel overseas, often for several weeks at a
time, on short notice, and on weekends.
9.	Demonstrated commitment to the preservation of significant natural
areas and to the goals of The Nature Conservancy.

To Apply:  Please send cover letter and resume to Jan Eber at
jeber at tnc.org.  Deadline for accepting applications is April 23, 2004.

The Nature Conservancy is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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