RV: [Coral-List] Anchor damage to seagrass beds

Curtis Kruer kruer at 3rivers.net
Sun Apr 4 21:56:31 EDT 2004

Anchor damage to seagrass beds is only one of many types of routine 
vessel damage to seagrasses in shallow tropical marine environments. 
Others include scarring, groundings, keel and wheel damage while 
swinging on anchor, anchor chain damage, wake wave erosion, shading, and 
others.  I have images of many examples of this type of damage in south 
Florida - but wonder why the inquiry is specific to anchor damage?


Curtis Kruer
kruer at 3rivers.net

Alcolado wrote:
> I would appreciate to receive a copy of this picture for the same objective.
> Thank you.
> Pedro
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>>Does anyone know of any available digital images of anchor damage to
>>seagrass beds that could be used in a non-commercial, educational
>>publication with credit given to the photographer?
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