[Coral-List] Physical Impacts & Reef Health

ReefGuardian Intl. info at reefguardian.org
Tue Apr 6 12:58:29 EDT 2004

Hello, Coral-Listers...

I don't think anyone can disagree with the premise that human-caused
physical impacts have at the very least a contributory effect on reef
degradation and declining reef health.

This month on the ReefGuardian website (http://www.reefguardian.org),
you can find new features and background info on the following
activities and their effects on coral reef health:
   o blast fishing in Burma
   o live rock collection in Fiji
   o trawling of deep corals in Alaska
   o dredging adjacent to So. Florida reefs
   o and more, as they say.

Check it out and let us know what you think.


Alexander Stone
ReefGuardian International

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