[Coral-List] Course in histotechniques

Greta Smith Aeby greta at hawaii.edu
Sat Apr 10 03:54:12 EDT 2004

Histotechniques and Histology of the Anthozoa

Location:	Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Dates: 		Aug. 23-Sept. 1, 2004
Instructors:	Esther Peters, Ph.D., Tetra Tech, Inc.
		Kathy Price, HT, International Registry of Coral Pathology (NOAA)
		Greta Aeby, Ph.D., Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

This workshop is intended to assist researchers in developing skills in 
histological techniques to further understand and interpret the 
histology of scleractinian corals and other anthozoans.  Histology can 
support studies on many aspects of anthozoan biology such as their 
ecology, physiology, biochemistry, reproduction, or pathology.  We will 
introduce methods and techniques for preparing thin sections of coral 
tissues for examination by light microscopy to determine the condition 
of the tissues and cells, the animals’ reproductive status, and whether 
any parasites or pathogens are present that might be affecting the 
health of the animal or its symbiotic algae.  Course format will 
include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on experience with all 
aspects of anthozoan histology.  The field component of the course will 
include identification of local anthozoan species, specimen collection, 
and quantification methods for diseased corals, if present. 

Participants:  Graduate-level students or working professionals.  Limit 
12 students. 

Credit:  College credit can be obtained through the University of 
Hawaii summer course offerings.

Fee:  $900 covers lab supplies, course materials, and housing

Other Costs:  Participants are responsible for food (to be purchased at 
local grocery store and prepared onsite) and travel to/from Honolulu.  
There are kitchen facilities available in the dorm room.  Travel 
arrangements to Coconut Island will be provided.  Participants should 
provide own mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit or diveskin.  Scholarships 
or other types of financial support are NOT available from HIMB.    

Application deadline:  May 30; application form is available on our 
website: http://www.hawaii.edu/HIMB/Education/histocourse04.html

Submit applications to:
Dr. Greta Aeby
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
PO Box 1346
Kaneohe, HI  96744
email:  greta at hawaii.edu

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