[Coral-List] current prevalence of white band diseases and white pox in the Caribbean and western Atlantic

Caroline S Rogers caroline_rogers at usgs.gov
Thu Apr 15 09:28:21 EDT 2004

Biologists with the US Geological Survey and National Park Service are
conducting research on Acropora palmata (elkhorn coral) in the US Virgin
Islands.  During monthly monitoring of 66 elkhorn colonies from February
2003 to February 2004 in one bay off St. John, we found 3 colonies (4.5%)
with white band disease and 39  colonies (59%) with white pox.  We are
interested in hearing from others about the current and recent (last 2-3
years) prevalence of white band disease type I on both A. palmata and A.
cervicornis (staghorn) and of white band disease type II on A. cervicornis
as well as the prevalence of white pox on A. palmata.  Any information at
all (qualitative and quantitative) would be greatly appreciated.  Please
respond to me directly at caroline_rogers at usgs.gov.

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