[Coral-List] Using the Nemo momentum

Marianne Gilbert marianne2 at ekit.com
Fri Apr 16 11:35:01 EDT 2004

Hi listers,

We all saw the power cartoons/animations can have on people, especially the 
new generation. I was curious as to whether anyone had thought about using 
this medium for further educating youngsters and their parents (particularly for 
aquarium fish releases in our waters) while taking advantage of the Nemo 
phenomenon. I could very well see the Finding Nemo characters that 
escaped the tank in a follow-up of what happens once free again that would 
educate people about the dangers of releasing aquarium fish. Perhaps Pixar 
already has ideas along those lines. Another approach could be to make 
small clips with completely different characters that could be freed in the 
wrong ocean and showing various scenarios as to their fate such as having 
them show despair or becoming too strong or numerous for the local fish to 
compete with them. All these would end with a strong message aiming to 
discourage people from releasing their pets. Of course these would need to 
somehow have a happy ending and be funny but that could surely be done. 
These clips could be posted on the web at aquarium sites or as links off Nemo 
websites or other similar sites for young fish enthusiasts. It might be possible 
to play them on TV during cartoons too.

I know that The Ocean Conservancy and many other partners are involved 
with a project called Shifting Baselines, trying to use comedy and a 
Hollywood-style approach to raise awareness to marine issues. I think this is 
a great idea to reach a broader audience. The issue of fish release and its 
impacts seems like it would fit in the Shifting Baselines mandate and 
approach. Anyone affiliated with them and reading this thinks my idea would 
be worth exploring?

Anyhow, I would like to propose the idea to the list. If anyone thinks it has 
merit and would be interested to pursue this, I do have some ideas for short 
scenarios and would be happy to collaborate and/or hear about the follow-



Marianne Gilbert, MSc.
Kratt Brothers - Be the Creature


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