[Coral-List] Using the Nemo momentum

Robert Buddemeier buddrw at kgs.ku.edu
Fri Apr 16 17:07:38 EDT 2004

John Ware has, as usual, hit upon the essence of the opportunity -- 
suitable publicity on this issue would no doubt result in a 
constitutional amendment banning the keeping of clownfish in aquaria in 
order to protect impressionable young minds from being exposed to their 
horrific, perverse transsexual behavior.  Probably a much more effective 
pro-conservation action than simply providing the suggested "follow-up 
of what happens once free again" that shows them  seeking their obligate 
symbiont anemone only to discover that it has been ripped off to die in 
an aquarium, thus condemning the fish, absent their host's protection, 
to be gobbled up by predators (sexual orientation notwithstanding).

By the way, I'm a little curious about Marianne's characterization of 
the 'new generation' --- since I can remember getting turned on by 
Fantasia (original release) and Bugs Bunny (the original, 
no-longer-politically-correct versions) roughly 60 years ago, I'm 
wondering who these newbies are.

Bob Buddemeier

John Ware wrote:

>Hi List,
>Speaking of Nemo:  Wouldn't it have been neat if Nemo's dad changed sex and became,
>sort of, Nemo's mother as would have happened in a real-life scenario.
>John Ware
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