[Coral-List] Causes of coral bleaching

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Sun Apr 18 21:58:21 EDT 2004

   I was wondering if, besides water temperature, is there another reason
   for coral bleaching?

   I  have  seen  some  bleaching  in an upwelling zone, with really cold
   waters.  So,  I  am  kind  of  curios..could  anyone give me a hand to

   Phanor Montoya

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   Phanor Montoya Maya 

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   text/plain;  charset=us-ascii  >  >Greetings  Listers!!!! >I work in a
   small  coral  reef,  predominantly  >consistng  of Acropora hyacinthus
   species. >Ofcourse it also consists of Stylopora pistillata >if not to
   the  same extent. I am talking of >Shikoku Island, Kochi Prefecture in
   Japan.  There  >is  also  Acropora formosa colonies (if have not >made
   mistake  in identifying!!!). I have noticed >that the Acropora formosa
   colonies  are  beginning >to bleach, thats what I think so, as most of
   the  >healthy Acropora formosa picture I saw in "Corals >of the World"
   book  looks  white  due  to  the >tip......but in this case I strongly
   believe  that  >they are infact bleaching. I want to make sure >before
   posting  the  bleaching  report  to  the coral >list. >So, if there is
   anyone  who  is interested to take >a look at the pictures and confirm
   if  there  is  >bleaching  episode,  it  will  help  a  lot. >One more
   interesting   thing   is   that   only   this  >species  seems  to  be
   bleaching....all  others  seems  >to  be in good condition. >I will be
   happy  to  send the pictures of both >healthy and bleached part of the
   reef  to anyone >interested. > >Cheers!! >shashank > >===== >"the role
   of  infinitely  small  in  nature is infinitely large"-Louis Pasteur >
   >Keshavmurthy Shashank >Kochi University, Faculty of Agriculture >Lab.
   of  AQUa.  Environ.  Sci.  (LAQUES)  >Otsu  200,  Monobe,  Nankoku-shi
   >783-8502, Kochi, Japan >alt. id: shashank at cc.kochi-u.ac.jp >phone: 81
   090      8285     9012     >     >------------------------------     >
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