[Coral-List] remote sensing question

Peter J Mumby P.J.Mumby at exeter.ac.uk
Thu Apr 22 07:49:46 EDT 2004

Dear Iain (and Coral-listers)

With respect to your remote sensing question, we recently published a review
article on the state of remote sensing for coral reef assessment and
management. The paper was produced by the Remote Sensing Working Group of
the World Bank/GEF Targeted Research Project on Coral Reefs. The citation

Mumby PJ, Skirving W, Strong AE, Hardy JT, LeDrew EF, Hochberg EJ, Stumpf
RP, David LT (2004) Remote sensing of coral reefs and their physical
environment. Marine Pollution Bulletin 48: 219-228

I'd be happy to send a PDF to anyone that wants it.

With respect to your question of cost-effectiveness, you'll have to supply a
little more information (e.g. size of area, clarity of the water, precise
mapping objectives). Cost-benefit analyses for satellite versus airborne
data were included in a couple of papers (listed on the website below) but I
haven't seen a cost-benefit analysis for acoustic methods.

All the best


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