[Coral-List] Aquarium experiments on hard corals

Steven Dalton sdalton at nmsc.edu.au
Thu Apr 22 19:07:59 EDT 2004

I am currently investigating the cause and effect of coral disease on 
subtropical corals at location throughout eastern Australia and am 
interested in any available literature in collecting coral samples 
specifically Acropora solitaryensis, Pocillopora damicornis and Turbinaria 
species which will be placed into aquariums for a series of manipulative 
experiments.  Before i collect my samples i wish to review previous 
literature which will help in the set up of tanks and procedures about 
collecting samples which will minimise coral stress.  We will be collecting 
corals from 10m in areas where insolation is variable and don't want to 
stress the corals by exposing them the higher than normal light levels.  If 
anyone can direct us to any publication on coral collection and aquarium 
experiment your assistance would be helpful.


Steven Dalton
PhD student
National Marine Science Centre
Bay Drive, Charlesworth Bay
(PO Box J321)
Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia 2450
sdalton at nmsc.edu.au

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