[Coral-List] Destructive Fishing Practices - Caribbean

Stephen G. Dunbar sdunbar at ns.llu.edu
Tue Apr 27 16:29:35 EDT 2004

Hi Coral Listers,

While I know of and have seen, first hand, some of the destructive fishing 
methods used in the S. Pacific region (i.e. dynamite and cyanide fishing), 
I have heard little at all about such practices in the Caribbean. I am 
especially interested in literature that document such practices in the 
Caribbean, in general, and in Jamaica, specifically.

Does anyone know of literature on the impacts of such methods in the 
Caribbean? I would also like to know if there have been studies in this 
region on the effectiveness of environmental education toward the fishers 
using these methods.

I look forward to any materials anyone may suggest or be able to provide me 

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