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mati matitiah at post.tau.ac.il
Thu Apr 29 04:16:09 EDT 2004

Dear listers,

A statistic advice is needed,
Through my research I monitor the fish community on small artificial reefs in the gulf of aqaba, the Red Sea. I do monthly observations, trying to understand the temporal (and spotial) changes. In order to find the difference between censuses, temporaly and spatialy, an ANOVA test is needed. Coming back to the same spot every month means that the censuses are inter-dependent, which drives me to use a repeated-measures ANOVA, but thinking again, the fish are not necessary the same ones, what leaves me with a ?. Will a dependent- groups Friedman test be OK?

Seeking for your advices.
Mati halperin
M.Sc. student
Department of zoology
Tel - Aviv University, Israel
email: matitiah at post.tau.ac.il
Tel : 972-3-6409090  

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