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Jeffrey Low myemail at jeffreylow.com
Thu Apr 29 22:32:02 EDT 2004

I have received my copy of the Bali Proceedings ... got it some time ago
(can't recall when, but it was sometime last year). SOrry to hear that others
have not receieved their copies.

Cheers, Jeff

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>Subject: [Coral-List] Fw: ICRS proceedings
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>Posting second attempt
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>Subject: ICRS proceedings
>Dear All,
>I would just like to echo Laurent's query.
>I too was about to raise this same matter on the list after making some
>to colleagues yesterday. I only know one person who has received a copy
>the 9ICRS proceedings. That person told me that they had been informed
>there may be none left now. I am not sure what to make of this but if it
>is true I presume Laurent, I, and many others, who all paid the full whack
>at Bali, may be left out having patiently let this situation roll on for
>years. I wonder how many of us there are.
>If what I have heard is not true, and everyone who registered can still
>to receive a copy, I wonder if anyone knows what is being done to speed
>up (four years down the line). I have made several attempts to contact
>distributors as well as certain individuals whom I believe were involved
>in the production, and have never received a single acknowledgement or
>I am not aware of any public announcement on the matter but perhaps it
>about time, as a matter of courtesy, that there was one.  I wonder if those
>responsible could inform us how many have been sent out already, how many
>are still going to be sent out, and, if there is going to be a shortfall
>will those that receive nothing at least get an apology/explanation and
>some of their fees back.
>Robert Murray, PhD
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>coral at coes.org.uk
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>  From: Laurent Wantiez 
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>  Subject: [Coral-List] ICRS proceedings
>  Dear all,
>  I am wondering if a lot of people, like me, have still not received the
>  proceedings of the 9th ICRS, a few weeks from the 10th symposium...
>  I know that there has been some problems with these proceedings and that
>  subject has already been discussed on the coral list. But I am seriously
>  asking myself on the opportunity to submit an article for the proceedings
>  the ICRS when I see that 4 years after the 9th congress the results
>  presented are not available. If I receive these proceedings some articles
>  will probaly been outdated...
>  The ICRS is a hudge and popular symposium, and most of all very expensive.
>  So the participants should get the proceedings rapidly which was not
>  case for the 3 last symposiums.
>  Best wishes
>  Laurent
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