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Dear All,

I would like to inform you that the Summary Record of the 2nd ICRI
meeting, will be onto the ICRI Forum www.icriforum.org 
in the next day or two.  Please check the Forum regularly for updates
and other information as well as participating in the discussion

Please find below the executive summary of the Summary record.

Thank you very much.

Summary Record
Presented by the ICRI Secretariat

The second general meeting of the UK/Seychelles secretariat was held on
3rd to 4th July 2004 in Okinawa, Japan.  The meeting was co-chaired by
Rolph Payet of the Seychelles and Robert Canning of the UK. 

The meeting was productive and fostered greater ownership and purpose
among the coral reef community, including a better sense of how the ICRI
partnership can function as advocate and informal international
co-ordinator.  In brief, links with the CBD were strengthened; the focus
of ICRI working groups was improved; positive outcomes on trade in coral
reefs were reached, and cold water corals are now included in the remit
of ICRI.  The ICRI membership increased with the joining of Norway and
Palau and agreement was reached on Japan and Palau to host the next ICRI
secretariat.  Along with scorecards to mainstream coral reef issues and
an embryonic communication/delivery strategy, the tools exist for ICRI
to chart a more purposeful course.

Summary of decisions adopted and actions agreed.

1. Four decisions were adopted:
i. Decision on the next ICRI secretariat; Japan and Palau 
ii. Decision on MPA ad hoc committee
iii. Decision on Cold Water Coral Reefs
iv. Decision on International Trade

Working groups and ad hoc committees with new mandates.
2. The work of ICRI's working groups, ad hoc committees and discussion
i. Cold water coral ad hoc committee to prepare terms of reference and
a draft work programme on cold water coral reefs and related
ii. The MPA ad hoc committee to produce by the next Seychelles ICRI
meeting a work plan with its objectives for the next 2 years.
iii. The ICRIN informal ad hoc committee to determine the future of
iv. ITMEMS 3 planning working group to develop a detailed proposal for
ITMEMS 3 for decision at the next ICRI meeting.

Actions agreed
3. Marjo Vierros to undertake further discussion on peer review of the
CBD targets through a discussion-mailing group.
4. The ICRI secretariat to prepare a response to the letter from
Hamdallah Zedan of the CBD secretariat on the outcomes of COP 7.
5. The ICRI co-chairs to write a letter to the co-chairs of the ICP to
draw attention to relevant CBD COP7 decisions with the aim of
influencing the UN resolution on Oceans.
6. Rolph Payet to lead a discussion group on the ICRI Forum on
activities for the Barbados + 10 meeting in Mauritius, January 2005.
7. France to consider and inform the organisers of the Barbados + 10
meeting and the ICRI secretariat of the possibility of presenting its
initiative towards the protection and   sustainable management of coral
reefs in Small Islands States of the Pacific ocean, to the Barbados + 10

8. The UK to establish the time scale for the FAO Code of Conduct on
Responsible Fisheries review process.
9. Robert Baldi, Paul Holthus and Jamie Oliver to liase with Jock
Campbell in order to prepare an ICRI position paper on the importance of
coral reef fisheries to feed into the CCRF review process to be reported
on at the next general meeting.

10. UNEP CRU to consider comments raised by ICRI in the revision of the
proposed terms of reference on dredging in coral reef areas.
11. The "ICRAN - Reefs for People" proposal and a cover note to be
posted on the Forum until the 3rd September 2004 for members comments. 
The ICRI secretariat to compile views which will be used to moderate the
negotiation of compromise between ICRAN partners.

12. Cold water coral ad hoc committee:
i. Current cold water coral ad hoc committee to be extended to include
representatives from the UK, US, Norway and UNEP, with others invited to
ii. Cold water coral ad hoc committee to prepare terms of reference and
a draft work programme on cold-water coral reefs and related ecosystems
for consideration by the next ICRI meeting

13. The UK to write a letter to their Overseas Territories to pilot
test the ICRI scorecard.
14. The ICRI secretariat to consider financial support for the
continuation of the ICRI Forum.
15. ITMEMS 3 planning working group to develop a detailed proposal for
ITMEMS 3 for decision at the next ICRI meeting.  Discussion to take
place on the ICRI Forum.
16. Discussion on the ICRI Forum to establish a suitable date for the
next ICRI General Meeting in the Seychelles and potential activities for
the 10th Anniversary of the ICRI Call to Action and the Framework for

17. ICRI secretariat to produce an ICRI brochure.

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