[Coral-List] Status Review of three Acroporids for potential listing under the Endangered Species Act

Jennifer Moore Jennifer.Moore at noaa.gov
Fri Aug 6 10:46:29 EDT 2004

Coral Listers,
NOAA Fisheries is conducting a status review of Acropora cervicornis, A. 
palmata, and A. prolifera to determine if the three acroporids warrant 
listing as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act.  
To ensure that the status review is complete, we are soliciting data.  
Attached is a copy of the Federal Register Notice which spells out the 
types of data that are needed and specific areas in which we are data 
deficient.  Please take a moment to review the notice and see if you can 
help.  Please send information to me at the address below.

Thank you,


Jennifer Ann Moore
Natural Resource Specialist
NOAA Fisheries
Protected Resources Division
9721 Executive Center Drive N
Suite 102
St. Petersburg, FL  33702
(727)570-5312 phone
(727)570-5517 fax
jennifer.moore at noaa.gov

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