[Coral-List] Re: Status Review of three Acroporids for potential listing under the Endangered Species Act

Jennifer Moore Jennifer.Moore at noaa.gov
Fri Aug 6 13:17:52 EDT 2004

Sorry about the attachment, I thought it would go through.  The 
following is the excerpted text that pertains to the information 
solicited.  A full copy of the FR Notice can be viewed 
at  http://www.gpoaccess.gov/fr/index.html and  typing 69 FR 34995 in 
the quick search.

Thank you.

Information Solicited

To ensure the status review is completed in a timely manner and based on 
the best available scientific and commercial  data, NMFS is soliciting 
information on whether the elkhorn coral, staghorn coral, or 
fused-staghorn coral are endangered or threatened based on the above 
listing factors. Specifically, NMFS is soliciting information in the 
 following areas: (1) Historical and current distribution and abundance 
of these three acroporids throughout the Gulf of Mexico, tropical 
portions of the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea (specifically in 
the (southern Bahamas),  Nicaragua, Pedro Banks, northern Cuba, Virgin 
Gorda, Antigua, banks off Turks and Caicos, Saba Banks, Trinidad and 
 Tobago, and eastern Caribbean; (2) historic and current condition; (3) 
population status and trends; (4) information on  any current or planned 
activities that may adversely impact the three acroporids, especially 
related to the five listing factors identified above; and (5) ongoing 
efforts to protect the three acroporids and their habitat. NMFS requests 
that all

information be accompanied by: (1) Supporting documentation such as 
maps, bibliographic references, or reprints of  pertinent publications; 
and (2) the submitter's name, address, and any association, institution, 
or business that the  person represents.


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