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Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Thu Aug 12 08:11:10 EDT 2004

          As   the   Coral-List   Administrator   I   quite   often   get
   behind-the-scenes enquiries as to when and where a specific Coral-List
   message  was  posted.   Please  be  advised  of  the  location  of the
   Coral-List Archives:
   For July, 2003 to present:
   For May 23, 1995 (very first message) to July, 2003:
        Although  you can search the 1995 to 2003 archives by clicking to
   see  the entire document for a particular year, there is unfortunately
   no  easy  search  mechanism  in  place  for  the  more recent archived
   collection.  (However, you can download the full 6MB archive for July,
   2003  onward  and  search  it  as one document!)  We are unfortunately
   understaffed  by  two at the moment, but we'll put this on our list of
   "things to do" in the future.
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