[Coral-List] re-attachment of coral colonies

MENDES, Judith Marie judith.mendes at uwimona.edu.jm
Thu Aug 12 13:32:54 EDT 2004

Dear Coral-list,

I clicked on the link provided by Reef Ball Inc. and found out that:

The corals are cut into fragments using "special tools and methods". 
That they are then embedded in "special cement" that contains 
"additives", and finally attached with "special underwater epoxy".

This was followed by a link to purchase the aforementioned "special" 
items. I am disappointed that Reef ball Inc. is allowed to advertise on 
Coral-list, a forum for scientists to share information. Does anyone 
else feel this way?

Judith Mendes

Todd Barber wrote:

>Superglue (Gel) works great for in tank use..we use Jurassic Gel 
>for use in restoring fossils.  If you are using them in the ocean we 
>using a full coral attachment system (see
>Cordially, "Restoring Our World's Oceanic Ecosystems"" Todd Barber 
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>Bradenton, FL 34207 http://www.artificialreefs.org (All Reef Ball Sites)
>http://www.reefball.org (Reef Ball Foundation) http://www.reefball.com 
>Ball Services Division) http://www.reefbeach.com (Reef Balls for Erosion
>Control) http://www.eternalreefs.com (Memorial Reef Balls) Office: 
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>> I am trying to find a good method of removing and re-attaching small 
(30 -
>40cm Acropora Millepora colonies)  I can saw the colonies off using a
>hacksaw, remove and dye them but need to be able to re-attach them 
>and reliable underwater
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