[Coral-List] land based coral sprouting!!!!

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Watered things in a garden often sprout branches- sounds like a type of
fungus. Otherwise it is an interesting urban legend-

Plenty of aquarists have Stylophora really sprouting in their aquariums
containing artificial seawater. Perhaps this event is an omen to the world,
like a weeping statue of Mary, that the era of "land based" coral culture
has come! Cultural, psychological, or religious implications aside, if the
story is true, the sprouting stuff is probably just a fungus.


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> Hello listers!!!
> Its nice to be giving out some interesting
> information..... (most of the time I end up askig
> a question!!!)
> I don`t  know how much infromation goes out of
> Japan to reach other parts of the world.
> I hope this has deifnitely not reached.  This
> article was published in August 8th 2004 edition
> of ?The Daily Yomiuri? English version of one of
> the leading Japanese daily newspapers.  Here I am
> typing it as it is;
> Land Based Coral Sprouting
> A piece of coral taken from Kagoshima Prefecture
> 18 years ago has marine biologists puzzled.
> Fukuji Fujima, a 77-year old resident of Atami,
> Shizuoka Prefecture, ocassionaly waters the
> coral, which he placed in his garden.  His eldest
> daughter, Takako Kagiwada, brought it back from a
> visit to Amami Oshima island, Kagoshima
> Prefecture.
> The piece recently started to sprout white
> branches, even though coral generally cannot live
> out of water.
> ?Its impossible for dead coral to grow branches,
> but these branches really look like a coral,? a
> researcher said.
> In May, Kagiwada who lives in the same
> neighbourhood as her father, gave him the coral
> after he asked if he could use it to decorate his
> bonsai garden.
> In June white branches began to grow from a solid
> gray section of the piece.  The longest branch
> measures about 3 cms.
> Seeing the photographs of the coral, a staff
> member of Kushimoto Marine Park in Kushimoto cho,
> Wakayama Prefecture, identified the specimen as a
> variation of Shoga sango, or Stylopora
> pistillata.
> ?A branch inside the old coral must have sprouted
> when the outer coat broke, but it`s very
> strange,? he said.
> Fujima said he wanted the coral to keep growing,
> but did not know exactly what he should do.
> This is very interesting isn`t it...........at
> least it has made me think a lot........i hope
> all u out there will do the same.....
> Best
> Shashank
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