[Coral-List] coral spawning in the Florida Keys

Mark Vermeij Mark.Vermeij at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 17 09:09:01 EDT 2004

Dear List,

An impressive August spawning occurred in the Florida Keys on the 
nights of the 5th to the 7th:

Thursday August 5: A. palmata bundles set around 21h15, release 
between 22h30 and 23h00 (Little Grecian Reef, Key Largo). Colonies at 
shallower depth (<2m) seemed to spawn later than the ones deeper 
(approx. 5m). Around 70% of the colonies released gametes.

Friday August 6: Two male M. cavernosa colonies were observed 
releasing sperm at 21h30. A. palmata bundles set around 21h30, and 
release occurred between 22h00 and 23h00. Approx. 80-90% of the 
colonies released gametes at this site (Horsheshoe Reef, Key Largo). 
Bundles were observed in small patches on several M. faveolata 
colonies around 23h30 (10% of the population).

Saturday August 7: 23h15 Bundles set in M. faveolata colonies, with 
subsequent spawning around 23h45. (Key Largo Dry Rocks). Approx. 30% 
of the M. faveolata colonies was observed releasing gametes. Earlier 
the same night (around 22h00) mearly all gorgonians of the species  
Plexaura flexuosa and a Eunicea sp. were observed releasing what 
looked like 1mm long planulae/embryo's. 

Best regards,

Dana Williams
Lyza Johnston
Illiana Baums
Mark Vermeij


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