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Davies GS12 Irene DaviesI at mcbbutler.usmc.mil
Sun Aug 22 19:56:02 EDT 2004

   > Dear Friends of Animals Asia,
>   >
>   > Do you know a Veterinary Nurse who would like the opportunity to come
> and live and work in China at our Chengdu Moon Bear Rescue Centre?
>   >
>   > Animals Asia Foundation urgently requires a second Veterinary Nurse
> a minimum of 5 to 6 years experience, preferably with a surgical diploma.
> The position involves providing surgical assistance and post-surgical care
> for black bears, other wildlife species and domestic animals.
>   >
>   > If you know anybody who is interested in applying, please ask them to
> send their CV to info at animalsasia.org
>   >
>   > Many thanks for your help!
>   >
>   > Best wishes,
>   > Gail
>   > Gail Cochrane
>   > Veterinary Director
>   > Animals Asia Foundation
>   >
>   > Find out more about the "China Bear Rescue" and "Friends.....or
>   > http://www.animalsasia.org

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   1. length-surface area relationships (mjnewman at ucsd.edu)


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Hi All,

Does anyone know if there are published size relationships between the
length/width/height and the surface area of certain species of corals?  I
am interested in determining the relationship between these dimensions for
Caribbean Acroporas and also gorgonians.  I have tried several literature
searches, but nothing has come up yet.

Thanks for any help.

Marah Newman


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