[Coral-List] How To Do Everything

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Tue Aug 24 10:33:06 EDT 2004

   Dear Coral-List Subscribers,
        Stop  me if you've heard this before, but I thought I'd point out
   how you can do the following with your Coral-List subscription:
       *  unsubscribe
       *  change your email addresss (but continue to get messages)
        *   include  your  name,  as  well  as your email address, in the
   Coral-List records
       *  have your password emailed to you
       *  change your password
       *  temporarily unsubscribe while you're out at sea or wherever
        *   resubscribe  yourself if you're address has been bouncing and
   you've been unsubscribed because of this
       *  change to/from regular to digest mode (one message per day with
   all posts)
       *  change to receiving messages as MIME or plain text
        *   choose whether or not to receive copies of your own posts, or
       *  receive acknowledgment your post was sent
        *   get  a monthly password reminder of what your password is, or
       *  conceal yourself from the subscriber list
       *  avoid duplicate copies of messages
   All you have to do is go to
   [1]http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/Coral-List  then  go to
   the bottom of the page where it says, "To unsubscribe from Coral-List,
   get  a  password  reminder,  or change your subscription options enter
   your  subscription  email  address:"  and input your email address and
        HOWEVER,  if  you can't get access to the Magic Page that has all
   these  options,  it might be because you forgot your password, or your
   email  address is slightly different than how you're subscribed (e.g.,
   [2]joe.smith at green.epa.gov  vs. [3]joe.smith at epa.gov), or (most often)
   because  you're  having  your  email  forwarded  from  one  address to
   another.   If  that happens, THEN please feel free to write to ask for
   help.  Otherwise, please try the link above first.
       Thanks for your continued interest and cooperation.
    James C. Hendee, Ph.D.
    Coral Health and Monitoring Program
    Ocean Chemistry Division
    Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    U.S. Department of Commerce
    4301 Rickenbacker Causeway
    Miami, FL  33149-1026
    Voice:  (305) 361-4396
    Fax:    (305) 361-4447
    Email:  [4]jim.hendee at noaa.gov
    Web:    [5]http://www.coral.noaa.gov


   1. http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/Coral-List
   2. mailto:joe.smith at green.epa.gov
   3. mailto:joe.smith at epa.gov
   4. mailto:jim.hendee at noaa.gov
   5. http://www.coral.noaa.gov/

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