[Coral-List] revise, a little mistake spawning Reef Florida list

bik at nioz.nl bik at nioz.nl
Fri Aug 27 09:43:06 EDT 2004

Dear coral spawning researchers

I made a little mistake in saying that the spawning in Reef Florida took
place according the coral list on Aug.17 2004 , this has to be Aug.17,  200
The rest is OK

2. REEF FLORIDA ( from the coral list): Aug.17,2003.  Sun/moon angle 244° ,
this exact angle comes back at 4 sept.2004 , on 2.02.39 AM (EST) You can
also expect spawning at 3 sept.2004 exact angle sun/moon 240° is on 5.38
PM(EST), and the angle of 232° is at  2 Sept. 2004 at 11.01 PM (EST).

Besr regards,

Drs. Margot Bik

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ)
Dept. Marine Biogeochemistry & Toxicology
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