[Coral-List] picture resources

Kirsten Michalek-Wagner kirstenm at gbrmpa.gov.au
Mon Aug 30 01:13:27 EDT 2004

Hi  Mark,

I will inquire on your behalf at Atlantis Seaworld for high-resolution 
images of the fish we are after this afternoon.

The links for the aquarium and coral list are list below.

coral-list at aoml.noaa.gov
aquaticinfo at neaq.org

Finally, fishbase is the largest fish database worldwide, with images for I thin k very fish listed. Looking for e.g Mandarin fish, a few images came up including one that could work. Each image has an electronic link to the copyright holder, so contacting the right persons should not be so hard.


Also, there are a number of free and cheap ($ 2) photo libraries on the web, e.g.http://www.istockphoto.com/file, which has a great clownfish shot for ($2)

I hope this helps


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