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 Dear Scott and Carol,
We have also observed the pink spots on Porites from high-latitude reefs in
South Africa.


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Hello Listers,

I am a PhD student at the National Marine Science Centre in Coffs Harbour,
Australia. My project is concerned with the pathology of coral diseases in
subtropical waters of eastern Australia. Its always interesting to hear
about other diseases occurring elsewhere.


Fascinating stuff. The pink spots you described sound very similar to the
pink pigmented spots observed on Porites spp. corals on the Great Barrier
Reef and in Hawaii. The spots are though to be produced in response to
challanges such as parasitic trematodes or cyanobacterial infection (see
Ravindran and Raghukumar, 2002, Coral Reefs 21:252). Bette Willis and her
group have observed this condition on the GBR (Bette.Willis at jcu.edu.au).

The second condition sounds like a fungal infection, probably 'fungal
syndrome' which has been found affecting corals of many genera along many
parts of the East African coastline. Tim McClanahan is the man to ask
(tmcclanahan at wcs.org). I think he has a paper in the pipeline on this
syndrome. It causes bleaching of the coral, and results in the
characteristic grey colour you described. If possible, it would be good to
take a small sample of the diseased colonies and observe it under a
microscope. The fungal filaments should be very obvious if they are present.



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