[Coral-List] Salinity and Live Corals

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Check the reference Coles, S. L. 1993.  Experimental comparison of salinity tolerances of reef corals from the Arabian Gulf and Hawaii.  Evidence for hyperhaline adaptation. Proc. 7th Intern. Coral Reef Symp. 1:231-238 for info on the salinity limits of corals before and after elevated salinity acclimation in Hawaii and the Arabian Gulf.  I don't know where you might be thinking of in the Red Sea (certainly not the whole Red Sea), but 40 ppt is the limit of coral occurrance in the Gulf, so I very much doubt that 42 ppt would be tolerated by any species.

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A simple, quick question, is it possible to maintain corals at a salinity 
of 42 S? What would be the physiological ramifications? The Red Sea is 
around 40 so I would imagine that 42 might be possible.


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