[Coral-List] [Fwd: Protecting the Coral Reefs]

Mitch Carl kos_inverts at omahazoo.com
Tue Aug 31 17:45:22 EDT 2004

It is illegal to collect stony corals from the Caribbean, however it is
legal to collect and import stony corals and soft corals from the
Indo-Pacific and to collect Caribbean soft corals (except sea fans).  The
corals in the store were more than likely corals from the Indo-pacific,
which would mean the store is doing nothing wrong.

Mitch Carl
Omaha Zoo

<I know that it is illegal for any U.S. store to sell coral that has been
<collected after 1977. However, a lot of stores claim that their coral was
<harvested before tis year, as there is no good way to prove otherwise.  The
<girl in the shop might not have known all the details behind the coral, but
<her manager would. I'd say talk to the manager of the store. If s/he states
<the same thing, then I think NOAA would be the best agency to contact.



Quoting Mike Shelby <Mike.Shelby at noaa.gov>:

> This message came to me via the Ocean Explorer Web site.  If someone
> more knowledgeable would answer this question I'm sure she would be
> appreciative.  Please cc me as I would like to know the answer as well.
> Thank you.

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