[Coral-List] Congratulations to Roger Griffis

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 1 10:21:16 EST 2004

   Greetings, Coral-Listers,
        I am happy to announce that NOAA's own Roger Griffis has received
   a  2004  Department  of Commerce Honor Award  (Silver, for Leadership)
   "...leadership    and    vision   in   integrating   intergovernmental
   multi-stakeholder  efforts to develop targeted Local Action Strategies
   for  coral  reef  conservation,  increasing  NOAA's  effectiveness  as
   co-chair of the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force."
        Many  of  you  have  had the pleasure of working on coral-related
   projects  with  Roger throughout the years, so I hope you will join me
   in  wishing  him congratulations on this significant and well-deserved
       Congratulations, Roger!

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