[Coral-List] The last Acropora?

Mitch Carl kos_inverts at omahazoo.com
Sat Dec 4 09:35:22 EST 2004

They are talking about listing the species of Acropora from the Caribbean,
not all the Indo-Pacific varieties that are in the hobby trade.  The species
from the Caribbean have been banned from collection for some time now and
captive propagations of them are very rare.

Mitch Carl
Omaha Zoo

> With the way this has impacted bird collecting, how would the ESA affect
> coral aquarium holdings, especially the corals already in captive systems
> hbbyists' aquaria???
> I ersonally already send out more specimens than I take in, would this
> of collecting/propagation/swaping fall under the ageis of such a listing
> Acropora spp.?

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