[Coral-List] corals and tides

Anne Cohen acohen at whoi.edu
Tue Dec 7 13:11:55 EST 2004


I want to draw your attention to our paper published recently in GRL 
which demonstrates a relationship between coral skeletal chemistry and 
tidally-induced changes in water level height on weekly (and longer) 
timescales.  The link, we believe, is via tidal modulation of symbiont 
photosynthesis (e.g. Anthony and Hoegh-Gulberg 2003); the effect of 
photosynthesis on skeletal chemistry having been demonstrated 
independently.   The full reference is:  Cohen AL, Reves-Sohn RA. (2004) 
Tidal Modulation of Sr/Ca in a Pacific Reef Coral. Geophysical Research 
Letters. Vol. 31, No. 16, L16310

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