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Silvia Pinca milviapin at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 11 01:32:03 EST 2004

To all coral listers,
this is a request not directly related to coral research but nevertheless strongly associated with scientific and conservation efforts to study coral reefs and establish marine protected areas in the Pacific. 
The College of the Marshall Islands has been working for the past 4 years to study the status of coral reefs and associated fauna in order to support the government in the sustainable management of the Marshall Islands resources and in the establishment of marine protected areas. The results of these 4 yeasr of scientific expeditions are published in several forms and are available through the web and form the first substantial base for both research and applied management for the conservation of some of the last pristine reef environments on earth.   
The researches have been developed by a group of volunteer scientists from several countries and have been the spring board for education and capacity building of Marshallese personnel. This year the expeditions were undertaken in Majuro and Namu atolls.  Although many data have been collected by the 20 scientists and trainees through and immense effort, hard work and dedication, the expedition was doomed by a very bad  accident that happened to one of the participants from Italy. Laura Castellano was hit by a falling coconut tree while sleeping in camp and had to stand several serious fractures and internal injuries as a consequence. Laura has been evacuated from the remote atoll of NAmu, in a serious emergency. Although her life has been at risk for a few days, Laura is now finally slowly recovering after the several surgery interventions. However, her medical bills are not fully covered by the insurance that was covering her diving activities as a volunteer. We are now desperately
 looking for any help in any form to support her family pay the hospital bills. 
Laura participated to a previous expedition to Rongelap atoll  and has always been a very enthusiastic diver and protector of reefs and sharks, her speciality. From her hospital bed she felt deeply sorry for not being able to accomplish her goal. 
Any suggestions and direct donations will be greatley appreciated
Thank you all in advance,
Silvia Pinca, expedition leader

Silvia Pinca, Ph.D.
Marine Science Program Coordinator
College of the Marshall Islands
P.O. Box 1258, Majuro, MH 96960
ph. (692)-625-5903
spinca at nras-conservation.org
milviapin at yahoo.com
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