[Coral-List] Okinawa Declaration

Hajime Kayanne kayanne at eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Fri Dec 17 00:40:21 EST 2004

Dear Phil,

It had been originally drafted by International and Local Organizing 
Committee, ISRS and JCRS.
The draft was open to all the participants during the symposium and 
anyone could post comment papers.
The final version was prepared by IOC, LOC, ISRS and JCRS taking all 
the comments into consideration, and was presented at the closing 
Thus, it was not actually signed by the participants, but we think it 
was declared under the agreement of all the participants.

You can see The Okinawa Declaration at http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/

We are now proposing a research program based on it to the Japanese 
government, and hope all of you can make use of it to carry out 
conservation activities in each country.

Best wishes,
Hajime Kayanne

At 9:06 PM -0500 04.12.16, Phillip Dustan wrote:
>Does anyone know how many people signed the Okinawa Declaration at 
>the International Coral Reef Symposium? I've looked but can't find 
>the the information. Any help would be appreciated.
>			Phil
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