[Coral-List] 1l oil=10kg CaCO3 less

Martin Pêcheux martin-pecheux at wanadoo.fr
Wed Dec 15 00:52:06 EST 2004

Dear all,

Just for consciousness, each time you burn one liter oil, it makes CO2
which dissolves 10.39 kg CaCO3 (= 20 millions large forams), at constant
pH (which our corals and forams must follow more or less by loss of
competition or bleaching). And human is releasing >50 time more CO2 than
reef CaCO3 process.

1 litre oil=950g x 84 %carbon  (C4H10)/12 C molecular weight = 66.5
moles carbon; 66.5 x 100 CaCO3 molecular weight/0.64  buffer factor
(DOE 1994 equations) = 10.39kg CaCO3 (Pecheux, 1997, Appendix IV, please
quote with www.reefbase.org)

I will calculate the contribution of participants to the Florida 2008
ICRS from use of airplane (no kerosen tax, 1930 convention; outside
Kyoto protocol; 30% CO2 emission in 2025-2030, impossible).

Good shame,

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