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And for simulations of both UV and visible solar spectral irradiance at
time or location you might be interested in the following Web site at
the National Center for Atmospheric Research (developed by Sasha
Madronich and his colleagues)


This site permits computations of irradiance in W m-2 nm-1 directly on
the Web using
the Quick TUV option although the "Biological" simulations are limited
to 280 to 420 nm.  The simulations for "Atmospheric Science" range all
way out to 725 nm.  The user can modify inputs such as latitude,
ozone layer thickness and time of day. The TUV model can be downloaded
at this site
as well.

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Also look at:

(Actual ISCCP data: http://www.giss.nasa.gov/data/seawifs/data/)

John McWilliams wrote:

> The International Research Institute for Climate Prediction has lots
> of climate data, including some radiation data.
> You might already know this, but I believe you need to need to be
> specific about where the radiation data are measured,
> i.e. at the top of the atmosphere or at the earth's surface.
> http://iri.columbia.edu/
> Click on the link to the 'Data Library'
> I think you can specify your lat/long co-ordinates, which will give
> you a map in colour or contours.
> The data in the map can then be exported to text, with each data value

> alongside a lat/long co-ordinate.
> Sorry if that's a little vague, but I haven't looked at the site for
> over a year.
> Good luck
> John
> At 19:50 20/12/2004 -0800, shashank Keshavmurthy wrote:
>> Dear All...
>> Can anyone tell me if there is any possibility yo
>> get solar irradiance data over a place if I know
>> lat and long of that place from internet....
>> I have year long daily temperature (both Air and
>> SST) and salinity data for that region.....but I
>> am in need of the irradiance data...
>> Is there a way?
>> any suggestion is welcome...
>> Regards
>> shashank
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