[Coral-List] Info request: Impacts of tsunami on coral reefs

Noordeloos, Marco (WorldFish) m.noordeloos at cgiar.org
Tue Dec 28 00:34:24 EST 2004

Dear CoralListers,

I'm sure you're all aware and moved by the dreadful events from last Sunday. As is often the case with major natural (coastal) disasters, those affected most seriously are predominantly poor fishermen, their children and families. Our thoughts are with those who are living/working/located in the affected areas, like ourselves (the ReefBase team is based in Penang, Malaysia).

Obviously the primary focus now should be on the lives, safety, health, and future livelihoods of those people affected. However, (and as small an issue this may seem given the human tragedies involved), I'd be very interested in hearing from those in the affected areas, what kind of impacts the tsunamis have had on coral reefs. I'd like to compile such reports and make them available through ReefBase. In addition, such reports could serve as a basis for a short paper on the impacts of last Sunday's events on coral reefs in the region. It seems obvious to assume that the power of the waves must have affected at least parts of the coral reef structures in the region, and subsequently effect their productivity and socioeconomic services to the coastal populations.

In summary: if you have observed (or heard) any damage (or lack thereof) to coral reefs in the tsunami hit areas, we'd be very interested in hearing from you. If you have photos to support those reports, that would be much appreciated as well.


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