[Coral-List] looking for data on parrotfish populations in Jamaica

Peter J Mumby p.j.mumby at ex.ac.uk
Fri Dec 31 14:39:19 EST 2004

Dear coral-list

I'm working up some data on parrotfish community structure and function in
the Caribbean and would like to include data from Jamaican forereefs. If
anyone has fish census data and would be willing to collaborate in some way,
I'd like to hear from you. I need data from Montastraea reefs (5-15 m depth)
which specify the parrotfish species, sexual phase (Terminal, Intermediate
or Juvenile), length (cms) and density. I'd also be keen to hear from anyone
with similar data from other heavily exploited areas in the region.

Many thanks and Happy New Year!


Dr Peter J Mumby
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