[Coral-List] pocillopora damicornis settlement rates

Wendy Chen taz9911 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 5 21:40:43 EST 2004

   Hi!  I'm  a  grad  student  in  Guam  working on toxicity studies with
   pocillopora  damicornis  larvae.  I'm  having  some  trouble  with  my
   controls. I'm settling out larvae in glassware with biofilm on it. The
   glassware  was  conditioned by placing it in flowing seawater from 2-4
   days  to  allow the biofilm to develop. My problem is that sometimes I
   get  very high rates of settlement from 70-100% and then other months,
   I  get 3-15% settlement. All the experiments are run exactly the same,
   but  yet I get a lot of variability. So I was wondering if anyone else
   has   some   experience   with  dealing  with  pocillopora  damicornis
   settlement  or  if you can direct me to some references. I only have a
   Hodgson  paper  from  1972 and a more recent one from Taiwan. Any help
   would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
   Wendy Chen
   aka Woon Jaye Chen

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