[Coral-List] Porites astreoides microsatellites

tlsnell at buffalo.edu tlsnell at buffalo.edu
Wed Jan 7 13:33:04 EST 2004

Dear colleagues,
I have isolated three variable microsatellite loci from Porites 
astreoides in an effort to study the population structure of this 
species.  Unfortunately, with only three loci (with little genetic 
diversity relative to other coral species), there is not adequate 
information to complete the analyses in an appropriate manner.  

I am interested in others that have been or are currently looking 
into developing microsatellites for this species and would like to 
collaborate through exchange of P. astreoides-specific 
microsatellite primers.  Since more than 50% of the candidate 
microsatellite loci isolated from adult P. astreoides tissue were 
zooxanthellae-specific in my experience, I would also be willing to 
test potential P. astreoides microsatellites against a variety of 
cultured zooxanthellae I have available to me, in order to ensure 

Thanks for your time,

Tonya (Snell) Shearer

tlsnell at buffalo.edu
Department of Biological Sciences
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY  14260

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