[Coral-List] Summer M.S. Assistantship in Marine Biology

Danny Gleason dgleason at georgiasouthern.edu
Wed Jan 7 15:17:53 EST 2004

   Summer M.S. Assistantship in Marine Biology

   Funding is available at Georgia Southern University (GSU) starting May
   1, 2004 to support a Master's student for the summer to participate in
   studies  of  the  benthic  invertebrate  fauna of Gray's Reef National
   Marine  Sanctuary. The successful applicant will be expected to assist
   with  two  projects related to this group of organisms: 1) development
   of  a web-based field guide and 2) assessment of recruitment processes
   to  the  benthos. Abstracts for both of these projects can be obtained
   at the following web site:
   The  successful  applicant  will  also  be  expected to enter the M.S.
   program   in   Biology  at  GSU  in  fall  2004  and  will  develop  a
   hypothesis-driven   research   project   based  on  organisms  in  the
   Sanctuary.  Scuba  diving  certification is required and an ability to
   work   in   rough  sea  conditions  is  highly  preferred.  Successful
   applicants  will  receive  funding for the summer ($3,000) and will be
   supported  during  fall  and  spring semesters on either a teaching or
   research assistantship (type of support dependent on availability).

   Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary is one of the largest near shore
   live-bottom   reefs  off  the  coast  of  Georgia  and  is  a  popular
   recreational  fishing and sport diving destination. It is located 17.5
   nautical  miles  off  Sapelo  Island,  Georgia, is in the 60-90' depth
   range,  and encompasses 17 square nautical miles. Gray's Reef contains
   a complex habitat of caves, burrows, troughs, and overhangs that house
   invertebrates,  such  as sponges, barnacles, sea fans, hard coral, sea
   stars,  crabs,  lobsters, snails, and shrimp. This rocky platform also
   attracts  numerous  species  of  fishes,  including  black  sea  bass,
   snapper, grouper, and mackerel.

   Interested students should submit a resume, undergraduate transcripts,
   a statement of interest and career goals, and two letters of reference
   to  Danny Gleason, Department of Biology, Georgia Southern University,
   P.O.  Box  8042,  Statesboro,  GA  30460-8042.  The  recipient will be
   selected  from the pool of applicants who have submitted all materials
   by February 20, 2004. More information about the Department of Biology
   at  GSU  can  be  found  at [2]http://www.bio.georgiasouthern.edu/ and
   information   on   applying   to  graduate  school  can  be  found  at

   Daniel Gleason
   Department of Biology
   Georgia Southern University
   P.O. Box 8042
   Statesboro, GA 30460-8042
   Phone: 912-681-5957
   Fax: 912-681-0845
   E-mail: dgleason at georgiasouthern.edu


   1. http://www.bio.gasou.edu/Bio-home/Gleason/GraysAbstracts.htm
   2. http://www.bio.georgiasouthern.edu/
   3. http://gsaix2.cc.georgiasouthern.edu/gradcoll/
   4. http://www.bio.georgiasouthern.edu/Bio-home/Gleason/Gleason-home.html

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