[Coral-List] Meandrinas

Jorge Pinzon jorgecoral at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 8 13:17:54 EST 2004

   Hi  Everybody,  I  am  working  with  the genus Meandrina. I have been
   collecting  morphometric,population-level  and  reproductive  data for
   over  a  year  now.  I  borrowed  the  holotype specimen (the only one
   available)  of  Goreaugyra  memorialis fron the Smithsonian Museum and
   done  some  morphometrics.  Zlatarsky  used  the  descriptin  of  this
   specimen  and  synonymized   it  with  Meandrina memorialis. There are
   morphological  differences  between  what we are calling M. memorialis
   here  in  Puerto  Rico  and  other Caribbean sites and the holotype of
   G.memorialis.However,  no  statistical  inferences  could be made with
   justone  specimen.  I  was wondering if anybody has seen, photographed
   and  or  collected another specimen (s) of Goreaugyra anywhere else is
   the  wider  Caribbean  or  even  outside  this  area  (Brasil??). I am
   including a photo of Goreaugyra memorialis


   Jorge Pinzón

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