[Coral-List] Questions about Spawning of eastern pacific Scleractinians.

Joshua Feingold joshua at nova.edu
Mon Jan 12 15:06:58 EST 2004

There are several papers on Eastern Pacific coral reproduction by Peter 
Glynn and colleagues. Two of the primary study sites are in Panama, one at 
Uva Island, and the other at Saboga Island.

Here is one of the earlier references that I have handy. Others are also 
published in Marine Biology.
1994.  Glynn, P.W., S.B. Colley, C.M. Eakin, D.B. Smith, J. Cortés, N.J. 
Gassman, H.M. Guzmán, J.B. Del Rosario & J.S. Feingold.  Reef coral 
reproduction in the eastern Pacific: Costa Rica, Panamá, and the Galápagos 
Islands (Ecuador). II. Poritidae. Marine Biology, 118: 191-208.

I suggest that you look up these papers and peruse the materials and 
methods section therein.


Joshua Feingold

At 10:36 AM 1/12/2004 -0800, Holger Anlauf wrote:
>Dear Coral-Listers,
>I am trying to gather information on spawning events of eastern pacific 
>Scleractians especially in the area of Panama
>in preparation for my Master Thesis research project on the ecology of 
>coral larvae settlement .
>Does anybody have knowledge about spawning events in this region?
>Are there any known brooding species?
>What is the best method to collect larvae in the field?
>I would greatly appreciate any help or reference on this subject!
>Please contact me under holger.anlauf at stud.uni-roastock.de!
>Thanks in advance and all of you a Happy New Year!
>Holger Anlauf
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