[Coral-List] Southern Stingray observations

Greenforce Bahamas greenforce at batelnet.bs
Tue Jan 13 10:39:31 EST 2004

Dear Coral Listers,

I was wondering if anyone could help on an occurance we have noted here in the Bahamas. In the last two days we have observed 3 dead juvenile (approx 30cm wing span)  Southern Stingrays on the beach adjacent to us. Although subject to strong winds in this area, the days preceeding the finds were calm. Two dolphins were seen in the area subsequently and I was wondering if this may be the cause of the unusual strandings?? No bite marks were noted though our resident turkey vultures had clearly had a feast!

Has anyone seen anything similar or does anyone have any suggestions as to why this may have occurred?

Many thanks,

Kirstie Knowles (Science co-ordinator) and the Greenforce - Bahamas team.

Greenforce Bahamas
Blanket Sound
Andros Island

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